Chris Thobaben
Father, Marine, Small Business Owner.

Serving his community on and off duty.

(360) 799-4889

About Chris



I have four remarkable children that need our schools to give them the best education possible to live healthy and productive lives as our sons and daughters are the bedrock of our future communities.

  1. Ensure Washington leads the country in licensing and certification programs for transitioning veterans into skilled trades.
  2. Amend McCleary legislation to clearly support our teachers in Pre-K through 12 while setting the rules for sustainable and understandable funding structures that don’t throw all of the burden on property taxes to create a fair system across the state.
  3. Expand the role of trades, technology, arts, and vocational programs for students to quickly earn a living.
  4. Enable public and private partnerships that extend healthcare to our children and community.

Major, United States Marine Corps


I have spent years watching the best our country has to offer facing down the worst the world has to offer. To ensure this in the future, every Americans must be able and willing to care for those to their left and right. It is of national interest that we support efforts to promote equal dignity and opportunity to all regardless of anything from their background or household income.

Small Business Consultant/Owner


The future of our local economy depends on a competitive B&O tax structure reformed to take out special interest and big business favoritism that will allow small businesses to prosper. Let’s invent the clean and healthy economy of tomorrow allowing our unmatched natural and human resources to lead the country. Clark County and Washington State will be models for others to follow with the right leadership. 

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The "3E" Focus

Economic Growth


Create the right environment that businesses we have will grow in and businesses want to relocate to. Strong tax structure, low energy costs, talented work force, and transportation access.



Ensure family wage jobs across our state that can last a career in technology, trades and skilled positions, and manufacturing.  Use our 21st Century economy to build careers for the 21st Century.



The bedrock every great society is built on. Amend the McCleary legislation to clearly support our teachers while creating a fair share tax system not reliant on high property taxes. Expand the role of trades, technology, arts, and vocational programs for students that enable certification before graduation.

Important to Me

Small Business Leader for Economic Opportunity


I believe that our community offers the world our most valuable resource, our people, to help them innovate and create the economy of the future. We are committed to ensuring an opportunity for prosperity for all with a helping hand to those who have been knocked down. Hard work and opportunities are critical to prosperity, and we are committed to support those willing to work for their opportunities.

  1. Public benefit through private     partnerships.
  2. Leverage proximity to ports and airports and offer our community to the world as a place to call home for global businesses.
  3. Market our most valuable resource, our skilled and educated workforce.
  4. Recruit businesses to relocate to our community to call it home and help bring new life to existing businesses.
  5. Commit to investment in vocational, apprentice, and college prep programs.

Veteran Focus



We have sent our sons and daughters forward as true warriors and community servants to serve in our nation’s military, and I believe that this willingness to sacrifice deserves a warm welcome back and an equal dedication to their future. We are committed to facing any challenge, shoulder to shoulder, with these men and women as they return home and believe in their potential to change the world from within our community.  I want to continue my work for veteran training programs that guarantee jobs by partnering with labor and the private sector to make it possible.  I have worked and will continue to work to bring veteran issues to the forefront of our society and ensure they have a dignified hand up when they rejoin the communities as veterans.

Healthcare for All, No Matter Where you Live


I believe that healthcare is a right for every citizen and not a luxury. I believe that through partnerships and collaboration between our community leaders and our high quality healthcare providers, we can create a healthier and safer community for all.   

  1. Partner with private healthcare providers to identify gaps in coverage to ensure access to healthcare for all residents.
  2. Maintain Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) by supporting local healthcare agencies that have chosen to maintain insurance for our children.

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