Work for January

Give Veterans a Hand Up


Veterans often come back to seek employment in trades and skills with limited acceptance of any logged hours.  I seek to improve transition into apprenticeships, skilled occupations, and trades because a four year military electrician should not be treated as a fresh graduate from high school.

Education and McCleary Legislation Correction


I will ensure our teachers retain their long overdue salary increase while addressing our outdated prototypical school model.  Our schools are forced to deal with mental health, physical health, nutrition, after school programs, and then balance those additional requirements with the essential STEM, Arts, and Trades education of the 21st Century.

Justice for Victims of Sexual Assault


We need to ensure proper resources are available for our law enforcement to pursue crime where ever it hides.  To include investigatory and lab resources that process such things as sexual assault forensic exams.

Improve Accountability


Let's ensure transparency in our government and take measures to destroy gerrymandering. I plan to live stream as many legislative sessions, policy sessions, and drafting sessions as possible.  It shouldn't be a secret how laws are made and who has influence over which words are written down.

Economy and Careers of the Future


We aren't just competing in our region or state, we are competing with the world to make what the customer of tomorrow wants.  Help me develop legislation that allows for innovative policies for manufacturing, engineering, transportation, and energy that create family wage jobs that are more difficult to outsource overseas.  

Address Our Mental Health Crisis


From inadequate support for those who self commit to ineffective policy on involuntary committal, we have a long way to go to address roughly 4% of our population in desperate need of care to prevent crisis.